Membership in this credit union shall consist of persons who live in, worship, attend school in, or work in the following townships, and cities or towns incorporated therein:

Floodwood; Alborn; Arrowhead; Halden; Fine Lakes; Prairie Lake; Unorganized 52-21; Unorganized 52-22; Ball Bluff; Feeley; Saginaw; Wawina; Goodland; Cedar Valley; Van Buren; Ness; Meadowlands; Payne; Elmer; Toivola; Kelsey; Culver; and Stoney Brook.

Businesses and other legal entities within the respective townships listed may also qualify for membership; and who subscribe to at least one share as designated by the Board of Directors (hereinafter "Board"), and who pay the initial installment thereon and the entrance fee, if any. In addition to regularly qualified members, the spouse of a member, the blood or adopted relatives of either of them and their spouses, and members of the same household may be members. Employees of the Floodwood Area Credit Union may also be members.

Initial Installment to be a member is $25.00