Mission Statement

The purpose and strategic objective of the Floodwood Area Credit Union is to serve its members by providing competitive financial products and services in keeping with recognized good business practices.

Our Mission Statement Embraces the Following:

The mission of this credit union is to earn desired income while delivering high-quality member products and services that meet the financial needs of our members.  Our mission has three components.

Member service:  Our Credit union's most important component is its members.  Our products are designed, our hours are set, and our employees are hired to meet the needs of members

Employees:  The next most important component of the credit union is its employees.  Without motivated, dedicated, and responsible employees, it would be impossible for the credit union to render high-quality member service.  This credit union is and will be a responsible employer dedicated to the well being of its employees.

Value:  The credit union is in business to provide value for our members.  This means that we must operate our organization as efficiently as we can.  Efficient operations and quality products and services are the two major cornerstones upon which we will provide value to meet the expectations of our members.